Health and Wellness Resources

Health Centers and Hospitals - On Campus Departments

  • University Health Services: (574) 631-7497 (for Notre Dame students)
    Offers a broad range of services to Notre Dame students, including an on-site pharmacy, physical therapy, laboratory services, preventative care, and evaluation and treatment of illnesses and injuries. 
  • Notre Dame Wellness Center: (574) 634-9355 (for spouses/dependents of graduate students)
    Offers services such as primary medical, immediate, and pediatric care, on-site pharmacy, physical therapy, and laboratory services.  Note, it is free to use the Wellness Center, although a small fee is required for services)

Health Centers and Hospitals - Off Campus

Counseling Services - On Campus Departments

Counseling Services - Off Campus

  • Women's Care Center: (574) 234-0363
    Offers on-site counseling, pregnancy testing, and initial prenatal care. Supportive assistance for pregnant women and new mothers is also offered. All services are free and confidential.
  • Family & Children's Center Inc.: (574) 968-9660
    Offers counseling, case work, and educational programs designed to strengthen and preserve the quality of individual and family life. Counseling fees are based on income.
  • Catholic Charities: (574) 234-3111
    Catholic Charities is a voluntary, private community resource that helps to meet needs in the area of social welfare for families. Spanish speaking counseling available.
  • Samaritan Counseling Center: (574) 277-0274
    Offers counseling at an affordable rate to those seeking help with marriage difficulties, family issues, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, and other life concerns. Individual, couple, and family counseling available.
  • Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne South Bend Marriage Support Groups
    Offers a variety of support groups for married students and spouses

Spirituality and Wellness - On Campus Departments

  • Campus Ministry: (574) 631-7800
    Introduces students to faith-based opportunities both on and off-campus, including fellowship events for post-baccalaureate students and places of worship in the local community. 
  • McDonald Center for Student Well-Being (McWell): (574) 631-7970
    Empowers students to maximize their potential through the synergistic cultivation of heart and mind.

Spirituality and Wellness - Off Campus



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