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FRC Events


Expectant and newborn parents, (virtual), weekly, Fridays at 9:30 am
Parents of Tots time (virtual), weekly, Thursdays, at 9:30 am
Dads's Club (virtual or in person), weekly, Tuesdays at 9:30 am


Single Events

09/17 Study Break on Library Lawn at 3 pm

09/25 Welcome Fall! Party

10/01 Things to do in Michiana . . . for families(Virtual)

10/08 Ice Cream Social

10/13 Things to do in Michiana . . . for married students (Virtual)

10/16  Donuts and Diapers Drive-Thru

10/22 Movie Night

10/27: Married Women's Bible Study

10/31 Halloween

11/05  Things to do in Michiana . . . in winter and the holidays (Virtual)

 11/11 Friendsgiving with the GRC

TBA: Thanksgiving celebration


Please note that our Winter Session calendar of events will be released around November 15.  You will find our hours of operation at this webpage.

On Campus

FRC Campus Calendar - listing events of interest to parenting, married and pregnant students 
Upcoming Student Events
ND Graduate School Trainings
ND Grad Career Events

Off Campus - 

Arts and Entertainment - HINT: Sort by Family
Education and Family - HINT:  Sort by Family or Kids Activities
Parks and Recreation


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