Married and Parenting Student Resources

On Campus Departments

  • Not listed above?  Check out the A to Z guide  Graduate Student Life: (574) 631-1221
    Enhances the educational experience of and quality of life for Notre Dame students pursuing advanced degrees. 
  • Off-Campus Housing and Resources: (574) 631-5878
    Allows students to view, filter, and compare listings of available off-campus properties for rent. 
  • Care and Wellness Consultants: (574) 631-7833
    Early intervention resource to support members of the community who are experiencing stressful or difficult situations.
  • Campus Ministry: (574) 631-7800
    Introduces students to faith-based opportunities both on and off-campus, including fellowship events for post-baccalaureate students and places of worship in the local community. 
  • Notre Dame Security Police: (574) 631-5555
    Coordinates emergency response, campus patrol, investigations, event security, crime reporting, vehicle jump starts, parking, and shuttle services.
  • RecSports: (574) 631-6100
    Provides sports and fitness opportunities through classes, facilities, and intramural and club sports.
  • Center for Career Development: (574) 631-5200
    Helps students acquire the tools to explore career opportunities and discern their true calling. 
  • Student Activities Office: (574) 631-7308
    Maintains lists of recognized student clubs and organizations, including family-friendly groups.
  • University Counseling Center: (574) 631-7336
    Offers a broad range of services to students, including individual and group counseling, 24-hour urgent crisis services, psycho-educational programming, and self-help resources.
  • University Health Services: (574) 631-7497
    Provides exemplary medical care in addition to access to an on-site pharmacy, allergy injections, and immunizations.
  • Irish1Card 
    Information on campus ID cards for spouses of active degree-seeking students.
  • Lactation Rooms on Campus
    Information on lactation room locations and how to gain access.
  • ISSA (574) 631-1138
    Includes resources for international spouses.
  • FRC's Closet (574)631-3000
    Please call us!  We have a closet of diapers, baby supplies, maternity clothes, infant items and limited formula available to you!