Virtual Fitness Class: Yoga


Location: Virtual

Looking to stay active this week? Your favorite RecSports group fitness classes have gone virtual! Whether it's from the comfort of your residential hall, your home, or even while physically distanced on your favorite quad, take a class from wherever you are. Click here for more info and to register.

About Yoga

Drawing from the Kripalu style of yoga and mixing in other Hatha yoga elements, this class is a gentle, slow paced style of yoga that will leave you feeling like class was tailored to you every time. Props are used liberally in this class so you can be sure that you’re getting the most of our every session. Props include blocks, straps, blankets, and sometimes even the wall. If you’re at home, towels, belts, and books can be great substitutes for standard props.  Before class, let the instructor know if there’s any area of the body that you want to work on, and they can adjust and tailor the class to meet requests the participants may have.

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