Programming Basics for Lifting Workshop


Location: Rockne Memorial 110

Notre Dame Recsports Fitness Lifting Basics Workshop 1000x300

Understanding how to effectively program can be one of the hardest parts of exercising. Knowing how to put together an effective workout to accomplish your goals is the biggest differentiator between continuing to progress or being stuck at a plateau. This workshop will be lecture and discussion based and talk about the bigger picture view of training and how you set your program to work as effectively, efficiently, and safely for you as possible.


The workshops are free! However limited spots are available for each workshop. Participants must register here on RecRegister for each workshop. Registration closes one hour prior to each workshop.

Attire for workshops

We strongly recommend that you wear workout clothes as most classes will have time for individual practice and feedback. You may want to bring a way to take notes as well.


RecSports Workshops are free!

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