The You Curve: Finding A Fit in a New Culture (Even When It's Not New Anymore)


Location: Geddes Hall, Room 101 Coffee House

The adventure of moving between cultures invites us to ask new questions and explore new ways of seeing the world, but the change can also cause discomfort and require us to adjust in unexpected or unwelcome ways. This can be particularly challenging when entering (or in the midst of!) one / four / seven years of study in a different culture. Though this process of adjustment varies with each individual, one theory describes it as “The U-Curve of Cultural Adaptation.”

We’ll take time with our special guest, Dr. Weiyang Xie, and a student panel to talk about The U-Curve of Cultural Adaptation that we all experience when moving into a new culture, as well as reflect on our individual experiences moving through the adjustment process, or The You Curve.

Join ISSA for dinner (provided) and interesting conversations.

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